Journey Into The Deep

Tonight I have journeyed into the deep. It has been such a long time since I allowed myself to do that. Sure, I’ve always meditated here and there, took some short moments, went for walking meditation, etc but to sit on the floor in silence and observe my thoughts intently for an extended period of time, I had not done that for many years...

My body was needing it. My mind was needing it. My spirit was needing it. Finally, I created a little space in my room where I set up my nag champas incense, chakra candles, crystals, singing bowl, oracle cards and bolster to sit on and I sat. It is amazing to me how I can be so consumed by my own thoughts and experiences and had forgotten to just “be”. Be present. Be who I am. Be in the moment. And to truly live in the moment, one must also walk with inner peace. To be happiness, to be love, and to be peace. 

It is a non-negotiable agreement that I have made to myself that I will not allow myself to forget this feeling, this journey of oneness. I am still human but a human that desires to transcend into greater consciousness. If we are all stardust, we are made of energy. Particles, neutrons, atoms, light… 

When I sit and connect with my higher self, I experience unconditional love, forgiveness, joy, peace, bliss, anything, and everything pleasant. I also become aware of my negative inner voice. With love and kindness I set it free. One day at a time I heal and allow myself to continue my path to enlightenment. Do you have a self practice? Do you go deep into the source?

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