I'm On Fire (Alchemist)

This time two years ago I was in Iceland with my sister Tania searching for the ever elusive Northern Lights. We were there for 5 days and on the last day, we got the most amazing view! The photo included in this post is not from our trip but it describes what I'm feeling at the moment. Relationships to me should be like magic and I think I've experienced near magic moments but that euphoria that comes from my travels, in a healthy way, I had yet to really experience that.

I've been connecting more and more to my intuition and have turned down some work due to it. I feel like anything I do going forward should be approached that way. Sit in meditation and feel it out. I imagine the relationship I'd like to experience is one that burns like this bonfire as it appears to me as an ever elusive Northern Lights show. Beautiful, intense, magical and real. I don't want it to die out however if things change and it does, may I be balanced enough to always accept these truths.

As the healing continues, I wrote a song today. And it's interesting because to me the imagery is quite perfect to how the relationship in my perception was. As time goes by and you get over someone, you can see better. The blinds are lifted. So, this song is about that last relationship I had last year. And it's probably the last song I will write about it. Closing chapters. I am now simply riding the wave without any expectations. Just enjoying the process.

Don't be fooled by the title... It has a story to it for sure but not just about that one person. All I can say is... I'm on fire...

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