I have always been told I am too sensitive. I have a hard time being around large crowds for long periods of time which is why I tend to listen to music (especially movie scores) when I’m out and about to tune out the world. I’m naturally attracted to nature and silence. I’ve been called a light worker and an empath. 

When I’m not focusing on keeping my own meditation practice, mindfulness and the likes, my life begins to crumble. When I work on my breath and love and healing, life is perfectly balanced. Even through adversity, I live life like a lotus flower…beautiful and still even in muddy waters. 

Sometimes being in tune with everyone’s emotions is very overwhelming for me. I require a lot of alone time. When I find myself desperate for affection and/or validation, it’s usually an indication that I am out of tune with myself. It comes from a place of neediness and not grounded love. 

As I continue this journey through “Love Therapy”, it’s all slowly being revealed and I know what I must do. Have you ever been there? Are you an empath as well? Much love and light to you…

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