Sun and Moon

You know, it's quite amazing what happens when you let go. When you let go of expectations and trying to control a situation. When you simply allow the Universe to work in your favor how everything seems to just magically fall into place.

In my songwriting process I tend to not really write love songs about someone in particular but over the past year, that seems to have changed for me. "Summertime Romance" and "The Projector" are both songs about someone in particular and although those relationships came and went, the songs remain and I'm grateful to have written them. I love these songs. It's part of the songwriters journey I guess. Many of us experience a lot of love and heartbreaks and out comes a world of words and lyrics that need to be expressed.

The "Corazón Terco" album is inspired by someone that looking back, I feel like I was totally blind. I almost decided not to record any of these songs because for a moment there, I felt severely attached to this person until I wasn't. And being unattached is so freeing! I can sing these songs and not be reminded of the memories as to why I originally wrote them. They feel more like songs for you, my dear listeners. For the hopeless romantics.

Yesterday I wrote another song someone new in my life has inspired. It is already a complicated situation but we are well aware of it and so we are just enjoying the moment. And because we are simply enjoying the moment, I am allowing myself to feel all the beautiful side of romantic love without the fear and deep attachments I usually experience in relationships. Neither of us were looking for love and yet somehow we found each other.

The song is called "Sun and Moon" and it's melody and style will be that of a fun, new, adventurous love song. I think of you all when I write so that when I can get back on stage, we can have fun. For those that already know me, know that I have a deep connection with the cosmos and I consider myself a "Moon child". Expect this song to be included in the "Love Therapy" sessions. Have you ever been in love?

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