Love Therapy

"Love Therapy" is focused on finding and releasing your most deep-rooted fears so your love can be freed. 

This statement couldn't be more true for me. I find myself sitting at my computer a little past midnight realizing I have 21 new songs (and counting) that I have for three separate projects... 

The first one is "Life In Technicolor"... a concept album I started writing a year ago after going through a traumatic experience in Paris as well as being intertwined in a relationship that really wasn't good for me. I then ventured off to Morocco for two months and started writing this amazing album with my friend Luca Fagagnini (producer of my album Erotomania) and found myself unable to record the first single since it pertains directly with the traumatic experience I had. So, that project is on hold. 

The second one is "Corazón Terco" (Stubborn Heart)... an album I wrote almost completely in two days with songs only in Spanish and one in French. An album that allows me to explore the fun and happy side of romantic relationships as well as those uncertain moments. Being produced by my friend David Saturn 

The third and final one is "Love Therapy"... an album I started writing a few months ago which has now become an album of healing. Love for myself as well as love for another person. It almost comes in full circle. Trauma (Life In Technicolor), Denial (Corazón Terco) (which leads to fun as to not face what happened) and then Healing (Love Therapy). 

As a songwriter I tend to write a lot and maybe sometimes too much. Either that or I have absolutely nothing to's almost as if there is no "in-between". 

Anyways, I thought to share this with you tonight since I'm feeling very strongly about all three albums and all of these songs. Not to mention "Antología" which was written during the first quarantine in France back in March through May. This is the first time I think I've written this amount of songs that are fully completed and just need to be produced and recorded. Someone I hold dear to me once said "You're gonna be one of those artists that says oh this is my most intimate and personal album yet!" and I think he was right... Pouring my heart out through music is complete medicine for me and I hope you'll follow me on this journey. Stay tuned... ❤️ 



* Photo from the music video shoot for "With You (Contigo)" off the "Angels and Demons" album.

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